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Greetings! My name is Aaron Hann. Once A Week contains two newsletters with a simple format: a brief(ish) reflection; a relevant quotation; recommended resources; a question for your consideration; both sent to you at the frequency of a counseling session.

The Friday newsletter, Theology & Therapy, is where I write about pretty much anything that is currently on my mind. As a Christian therapist, that usually means topics related to soul care, biblical reflections, theology, and psychology. My aim is to encourage, comfort, challenge, and make you think.

The Monday newsletter is a new endeavor called Thesis 96 which explores spiritual abuse, church renewal and reform, and advocating for those who have been harmed by Christian leaders and communities. This newsletter equips Christians with biblical and theological resources to better defend and protect the sheep. My hope is that Thesis 96 will help Christians be theologians, as I put it in my 12th thesis: “Martin Luther wrote that a theologian is one who says what a thing is; when a sheep sees a shepherd acting like a wolf and says so, she is being a theologian.”

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Reflections on theology, therapy, spiritual abuse and reformation at the frequency of a counseling session


Aaron Hann

Aaron Hann is a follower of Jesus, counselor and abuse advocate who makes sense of life through writing. Working on a book about how the Trinity heals survivors of spiritual abuse in the Gospel of John.